CHANCE created the first Childhood Cancer Survivors Group in Lebanon in 2015. Our survivors are a tribute to Chance success stories.

Sheryl Abi Rashed

No words can express how I feel to be a childhood cancer survivor. I am grateful for everything I was and everything I am now.

Marianna Younes

My name is Marianna Younes and I’m a CANCER Survivor. I was 5 years old when my parents discovered that I have leukemia. From that moment, a fighter’s spirit was born inside of me. It was really hard and shocking for all our family members, to be living such an experience in a society, that saw me fighting, and others that were torn between pity and compassion. Unfortunately, I was not able to live a normal childhood, I couldn’t run around with the other children, go out with my friends, live the way a child should be living. But nevertheless, even with my painful treatment, the long nights, the dark side and the bright, the bad memories and the good, this experience has shaped me into the warrior. Hopeful, ambitious, healthy, here I am today. Last but not least, I would like to say THANK YOU to my family, friends, my doctors, CHANCE and JESUS, who were by my side, and gave me the strength to fight for my life with everything I had, and it’s thanks to them, that I’m here today, giving my testimony.